Episode 16  

  I woke up to find out Finn wasn’t on the bed, I went to the parlour and saw him lying on the couch, the feeling of guilt consumed me, see what I had caused, what did I expect crying on a mans arms, why did I have to be so vulnerable, I couldn’t start to imagine how awkward the day will be for us and I was right. From the ride to work, to sitting at work, everything was awkward. We apologized to each other about everything, when our hands touch, when we looked at each other. I hated it, I hated the position I had put him in, but I was glad I’ll go home from work today, maybe some time apart will fix it… 

  ” Henry and I are done” Kim sent to me via whatsapp with a crying emoji just when I was at the house gate.. I hurried into the house and I saw her covered in chocolates and taking blue bunny ice cream. I rushed to her and held her. What happened love? I asked her.. “He’s a beast, he treats me like dirt, I couldn’t stop thinking about how happy Alian makes you and how scared I feel around him, he slaps me without reason, he screams at me over little things or nothing.. I want to feel love,affection, care.. I’m sorry but I see how you and Alian talk and I’m jealous, I want that too” she said holding back her tears..

 Alian is married, Kim I told her and looked downwards. “Awww honey” she said as she held me and handed chocolate and her ice cream spoon to me.. He’s married Kim and I don’t know how to feel. I told her. “You’ll be fine love, we will be fine” she said as we hugged each other so tightly like twins that were about to go separate ways..

   I heard a knock on the door around mid day Saturday. Kim and I cuddled each other to sleep and the knock woke us up. “Finn told me what happened and I decided to check up on you” Betty said as I let her into the house, Thank you I told her and managed a smile. Kim woke up, said hello and we just sat looking at each other.. “Kim told Henry it’s over” I told Betty to break the silence. “Awww, so you two are kinda heart broken now? If it’s any consolation , Ben and I got into a fight last night” Betty said and we all laughed.. “So have you heard from Alian since you two spoke” ? Betty asked.. He has been calling, texting, promising heaven and earth but really I’m not in the mood, I don’t need his gifts I answered her. “You don’t need what? His gifts?” Betty asked. “Never reject a gift from someone you’ve been with, it’s your pension” she said and we burst out laughing.” I’m not sure how you think about these things I said in between the laughter”. We felt better after Betty left even if Kim was looking at her phone 24/7 cos Henry refused to call her since he left. 

    Sunday morning, just like Saturday was lazy for us, we just laid in bed with our room scattered like a pit hole, she asked me if I had spoken to Finn and I told him I didn’t want to answer his calls, she explained to me that it wasn’t my fault we kissed and that its just right we talk to each other. She told me Finn likes me and she knows I feel something small for him too. She stopped talking when her phone beeped.. She sprung up, it was a message from Henry and she read it out to me ” I’m sorry for the wrongs I’ve done and the way I’ve treated you, these few days without you have been terrible and I’ve concluded I can’t live without you, forgive me and take me back and I’ll treat you exactly how you desire. You are the love of my life and I can’t live without you”. Tears started to escape from her eyes and mine. “I love him Dodeye” she said to me. This is not the first time he is apologizing to you, I told her. “But he has never apologized like this, I can’t even lie to myself, I love him and I can’t live without him.” You can live without him I told her. “You won’t understand” she said as she typed ‘ I love you too to him” I hugged her and told her it’ll be alright ..

 I got a message from Finn that he was parked outside so I summoned the courage to go and clear things up with my friend. ” Hey” he said to me as I got into the car. Hi, I replied not being able to look him in the eyes. “I’m sorry I kissed you” he said to me. I’m sorry I kissed you back I said to him and when I looked up, I saw a smile form on his lips. “I want us to be cool again. I hate how awkward Friday was and I never want us to be like that again, as much as I enjoyed the kiss and will be happy to kiss you again and feel your soft body on mine, I’d rather be your friend.” I smiled, hit his shoulder and leaned forward to hug him, he leaned forward too and hugged me , we stayed in that position for so long then I tilted back and we were looking at each other, our eyes didn’t move.. Then just like I was blown by the wind I tilted forward and planted a kiss on his lips, and when I was about to pull my head back, he pulled me forward and encompassed my mouth in his…..


                                                                                        The End 

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