Episode 14 

“You hoe” she screamed pointing at me, she turned to Finn and screamed ” you liar” “you cheat”, then looking at both of us she said .. You two are so filthy, lying about not having an affair, but you stupid girl, warming his bed every minute…I can’t with you two” she paused trying to hold back her tears and walked out. I was shocked and confused, I wanted to laugh but Finn looked sad. Biko what just happened? I asked him as he closed the door.. “Exactly what you saw” he answered. Why did it happen? Why did she call you a liar and cheat? I asked him. “Why did she call you a hoe? Are you a hoe?” He replied. You are not saying anything Finn. I said holding his hand.

 Tell me, what is wrong? “Okay okay, we had s*x..if that’s what you want to hear”, he answered pulling his hand from mine. Okayyy I said shifting backwards, this happened when? I asked him. “During the weekend, that’s what I couldn’t bring myself to tell you, I wasn’t feeling so good on Friday, I was really down and you were having a good time I didn’t want to disturb you, she offered to bring food in the evening and I agreed, one thing led to another and we had s*x, since then she has been messaging and calling but I haven’t been picking up. I told her the next day that I didn’t feel nothing for her and the s*x was just s*x”. Come here I said as I opened my arms and he hugged me.

 We walked into the office together and I was observing the faces of my colleagues, I knew for sure the news had spread like wild fire, from the faces I was getting, I shook my heard waiting for whatever it was that was going to happen. Alian is on my case about leaving Finns house and now some kind of stupid drama about Finn and I at work. Can the week just end already I said in my head.. ” love birds, you two are in trouble” Betty said to us as she walked into our cubicle chuckling… It’s not small trouble ooo. I replied her. Finn didn’t like what was happening at all, he hadn’t spoken a word since we got into the office. 

   As we sat down during lunch, I saw Mira and sunflower walk into the cafeteria together, I noticed them walking towards us and I was wondering what they had planned. They sat at the table right beside us, and I heard Mira say a little loudly ” who let the dogs out” then sunflower replied ” whoof whoof whoof” and they both laughed. I could see the irritation in Finns face and I tapped his hands softly, I felt really bad for him because if I had stayed with Betty all of this wouldn’t have happened. We sat eating quietly, then Mira broke the silence by saying ” now can you two officially introduce yourself as a couple and stop this private affair” I looked at her and turned back to my food, Finn didn’t even move.

 “I am sure I’m speaking to you two Dodeye and Finn” she said again. The young man doesn’t want you, is it by force? I asked Mira standing up. “So because he doesn’t want her, you decided to wag your tail like a dog that you are to his bed abi?” Sun flower asked me getting up too. Me? A dog? I’m sure we both know who the dog is between both of us, seeing that the last time we had an amazing encounter you were in the doggy position. I said.. “Dee lets go”, Finn said as he got up and held my hands. Everybody stopped eating and was watching. “Go to where? Leave her”, sunflower said. “You are not satisfied with just hoeing around with Finn, you are hoeing around with a married man too, you innocent looking, guilty daughter of Jezebel.”

 Wow!! I exclaimed, a married man? I can see you just want me to sound bad, the bleaching cream you use Is definitely affecting your brain too. I answered her. “Oh! You don’t know?” She said laughing. “Alian is married you fool, I used to date him!” She added. You are Chioma? I asked shocked. “What? Did you think sunflower is my real name?” She asked. I looked at her shocked to my teeth ” Alian is married” kept repeating in my head. I couldn’t say a word. “You didn’t know he’s married? She didn’t know he’s married” she said to Mira, “you guys she didn’t know he’s married!!” she screamed looking at everybody. Finn held me and dragged me gently out of the cafeteria to my seat. I couldn’t speak, I didn’t know what to say…


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    Wow…. an embarrassing way to know the truth


    Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.


    Aha! You just took this long to make me feel good. For some reason, I knew there was a connection with sunflower + Chioma + Alian.. Lawd!!!! Deliver us from deceivers

      God will deliver us…. Haha


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