Episode 13 

I felt so good leaving for work, I couldn’t wait to tell Finn how my weekend went, I knew he didn’t really like Alian but I wasn’t sure why. Alian and I had been talking almost every minute since he left, we couldn’t get enough of each other. I missed him so much already, one day felt like one month but above all I felt really good about being able to feel this way about someone , after my last relationship, I felt it was impossible to love again. 

 Finn, you can tell from the way I’m smiling that my weekend went great abi? I asked him while we were having lunch. “Yes I can madam, you haven’t stopped smiling neither have you left your phone completely, you’re chatting like a teenager that just got her first smartphone”, he answered. Please why are you vexing? Shouldn’t you be happy for me? I asked him. “I’m not angry” he replied, “I had a terrible weekend”, he continued. Forgive my bad manners, I was telling you how mine went, I forgot to ask about yours.. What happened? I asked him. “I can’t tell you”, he answered. As much as I want to know what happened so bad, I respect your decision to tell me when you feel up to it. You’ll be fine okay? I said as we got up, I hugged and pecked him then we walked back to our cubicle . 

   “You have totally abandoned me” Betty said to me as she got into Finns car after work. Me? Abandon you? Not possible I told her. “When last did you visit? When last did we really gist?” She asked. Since you started dating Ben, you have pushed Finn and I one side na, we are just looking at you like Obasanjo. I said and three of us laughed. We did a little catching up till Finn dropped her then dropped me off.. 

   “Babes , Henry is around oo” was the text I received from Kim at about 4.30pm on Wednesday . Chai !! I exclaimed. “What is it?” Finn asked.. Henry is around, that boy can do like ghost, who visits mid week? I said.. “Yay it’s good news for me” he said smiling. Go away jor, hope you cooked oo, I won’t come and do housewife for you, I told him. “No cooking, no house for you’ he said and we both laughed. 

 Kim brought out my already packed luggage and I wished her an amazing time with Henry and advised her to be of her best behavior so she doesn’t receive slaps, she laughed and told Finn and I to have a good time. I had been to Finn house a number of times, from work with Betty and Ben , some weekends too. It was a really nice and comfortable place, really neat for a guy. He helped me with my luggage into the house, he asked if I wanted to bathe or rest and I shouted at him to stop treating me like a visitor to which he apologized and moved to the kitchen. I showered and wore my nightie because I wasn’t planning to go anywhere else. I went to the kitchen and saw he was preparing noodles….the kind my brothers will call “nourish” because of everything he put in it. I called him baddest cook and went to the parlor to rest for a bit and check what was showing on tv. He brought the food to me when he was done. It looked so good and sincerely it tasted better than it looked. 

   I was telling Finn how upset Alian iscos I’m staying at his and he has promised to get me a house next week to avoid this again. It was really late and I was sleepy, I told Finn I wanted to sleep then he got up, picked a pillow and was walking out of the room.. Where do you think you are going to? I asked him. “To the couch” of course he replied. Are you okay really? I asked. Come and lie here jor, I know you’re a gentle man I added. He said “thank you” and joined me in bed. I raised my head up when he spooned me in the morning. Good morning I said to him. “Morning, sleeping beauty” he replied. Slept good? I asked . “Yes, I did. Did you?” He asked. Excuse me please there’s someone at the door he added. I got up and followed him to open the door. He stiffened when he opened the door. Who’s at your door this early I asked as I walked and peeped outside. “Mira” I screamed when I caught a glimpse of her…

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