Episode 12  

I couldn’t bring myself to say goodbye to him and while we were packing our bags I almost started crying. His flight was for midday so he had to drop me off before then. He looked at me at intervals and I could see the sadness in his eyes. “You know I’ll miss you yea”? He said and broke the silence. I’ll miss you too I replied. “I’ll miss you three” he said back. I’ll miss you four I replied. “I’ll miss you infinity” he said and screamed I won.. We both laughed. He hugged me so tightly as we were about to leave the room, he kissed my cheeks, then my neck, then my lips.. We dropped our bags and fell on the bed. As he was about to unbutton my top, I held his hand and told him you’ll miss your flight. “I rather miss my flight than miss exploring your body another time before I leave” he answered still trying to unbutton my top. You’ll come back in the next two weeks or I’ll come over to Abuja, I don’t want you to miss your flight, I told him. “Come to Abuja”? he asked with his eyes so wide.. Yes Abuja, anything wrong with that? “No baby I was just surprised” he replied and we got up.

  “Mrs honey moon”, Kim screamed as I walked into the house. “See how you are shinning from head to toe, my friend ooo gist me gist me…” she was shouting and jumping all over the place, calm down jare let me settle down first.. I told her. “What’s inside that bag”? She asked as she grabbed the bag that had the remaining wine, biscuits and chocolates. “See enjoyment ooo, this girl you really went for honey moon” She was just shouting and hailing me and Alian calling us love birds… Kim it was really amazing ooo, I’m glad I didn’t form gangster and stay back ooo I told her while unpacking

“Really?” She replied munching on biscuits and chocolates at the same time.. Yea, he’s so sweet, so nice, he treated me like a baby, it’s been a while I felt like this, I answered. “I told you now” she said. “The guy looks nice , so any strange calls or funny behaviors with his phone?” She asked. Do you know I didn’t even see him with his phone the whole time? Maybe he put it off. Please I didn’t even pay attention to that one.

 “So gist me now, what and what happened”? She requested. What happens when two adults are in the same room for 2 nights? I asked laughing… We gisted, laughed, watched tv, ate and the rest I added… “And the rest what na Dodeye, talk something she said coming closer” Lol, you will have to squeeze my mouth open before I spell out those words to you but he was good sha, it was madddd…. I told her turning my face because I didn’t want her to see me smile. “My friend has found husband oooo, did he give you money?” She asked. This girl , it’s money you think about, but he gave sha and transferred some to my account.. He’s super nice, don’t worry this week I will fill the house with goodies… I promised her.., “oshe!!! Baddest” she said jumping and calling me names.

 “Before I forget, Henry is coming this week o, he’s refused to tell me the date, said he wants it to be a surprise”, she told me. This your Henry boy errr, he can do things oo.. No wahala I’ll tell Finn I’ll sleep over at his when Henry comes. “Finn? I thought you’ll stay at Betty’s ? What’s really going on with you and Finn?” She asked. Nothing is going on with us, we are just really cool. Betty is alright but I’d rather stay with Finn I answered her. “ Okay ooo, I wonder how Alian will feel when you tell him you’re at Finns”. Calm down oo, he’s not my husband, let me even find out if he has boarded I said and picked up my phone. 

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    Alian iz a suspect….. Nice one looking forward to the next episode

      Haha. Next episode will be posted tomorrow

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