Episode 11 

I was staring at him while he was slicing the apples for us after dinner, he did everything with smiles on his face and I could tell he was happier than I was, the way he treated me, the way he spoke to me, the way he held me. I couldn’t be happier I agreed to spend the weekend, I could tell I had started to feel more than just like for him, I was starting to fall in love with him and I couldn’t hold myself back. He fed me with the apples and we were laughing about what was showing on tv when he said “I like how sexy you’ve been looking since you got here, I’m glad you made an effort to look sexy for me with the matching undies, matching skimpy silk nighties seeing that I like a lot of skin.” I always look sexy, I said laughing. “I know and I’m saying thank you for that.” You are welcome. Thank you for looking good too I told him and we continued watching tv and eating apples.

  “Baby, baby,” I heard Alian call while tapping me… Yeah, I answered and woke up from sleep. “I’m hungry,” he told me.. How can you be hungry by 2am? I don’t get it. I asked him. “Well, I don’t know” he answered me. Okay, you want to order something or you’ll have biscuit and wine? I asked. “Biscuit and wine won’t satisfy the kind of hunger I feel right now”, he said. I sat up, this is really serious, okay, what will you eat. I asked again. “You!!” He said as he laughed and started kissing me. He was kissing me like he was actually hungry and was feeding from the kiss, my body came awake at last and it yearned for him fiercely, I pulled his shirt and started running my hands on his back, “you’re a really good kisser”, he purred between the kiss. Thank you I replied and tightened my grip on his waist feeling the whole shape of his body on mine and he removed my lacy dress greeting each centimeter of my newly liberated flesh with a kiss. He ran his hands all over my body then went down into the duvet and parted my legs widely, he used his tongue to shift my lacy thong panties and it sent shivers to my spine, he then used his teeth to pull the panties and parted my legs again, I began to tremble, I surrendered my body to him, I let myself, all I decided to do was just feel, he started to kiss me down there, he turned his lips around me and I started to drip uncontrollably, he soaked his face in me and I was feeling unimaginable things just like he promised.. I started to shake my legs and rub my hands on his head but he held my hands and legs together so tightly I couldn’t move them. His lips, tongue and his beard were doing everything together, the fact I couldn’t move made every feeling heightened. It felt so good I started to scream for him to stop, I screamed and screamed but he didn’t, he went on doing better, his tongue all over my clit moving in circles, his beard moving in circles causing intense pleasure, my whole body got so stiff I didn’t understand what was going on then just like an explosion I felt all my juices escape and he licked every tiny bit of it , I started crying, I didn’t know why, he released my hands and legs and just when I was about to close my legs, he held me back and slid inside of me then bent forward to kiss me, his beard was soaked and I could taste me from his mouth, he bent to my ears and whispered ” I love you” I didn’t realize when I said I love you too between sobs and just like fuel poured on fire, he started thrusting with so much force I started to think I did something wrong.. I was sure this time my womb was actually shifted but I loved every inch of it. He did me in a way I’d never been done before. And when we were done he wiped the tears that escaped from and eyes, kissed my cheeks and I slept on top of him like a baby…. 

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    OMG! Kwinet this is deep

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