Episode 10  

Alian walked into the bathroom with his briefs, I turned, looked at him and signaled for him to come into the shower. He pulled down his briefs and as he came closer, I put on the warm water and while we were just enjoying the feel of the water on our bodies, he picked up the soap, put it on my sponge and started scrubbing my body gently. Our bodies touched each other as he turned, the alcohol was beginning to take full possession of me because I pushed him to the wall and started kissing him. He gently pushed me from his body, rubbed every part of my body with the soap, did same to himself then covered me with my towel… I looked at him surprised, why didn’t he want to kiss me? I was upset but I didn’t say anything. I wiped the water off my body, wore my navy blue silk short and singlet, then sat on the bed frowning. “Are you alright, love?” He asked as he handed a chocolate bar to me. Why didn’t you kiss me back in the bathroom? I asked opening the chocolate. “It was the alcohol, baby, you don’t even seem your normal self, I don’t want you to do anything you will regret tomorrow. I know I’m a bit tipsy but I know exactly what I’m doing, baby, I want to kiss you, I want to feel every part of your body, I want to please you with my tongue, I want to get inside of you and make you feel things unimaginable but I’ll do this when we are both in our normal state because I’ll want you to remember every little thing, every little detail, every little feeling”. Then he kissed my forehead and hugged me. 

   He woke me up the next day with a kiss, I opened my eyes, smiled and saw he had already ordered breakfast. Bread, eggs and cereal for me then bread and coffee for him.. I was really hungry and I just jumped on the food. I was having a really awesome weekend with so much happiness. While eating I thanked him for what he did last night, he told me he wasn’t in a hurry to do anything with me, he just wants us to take our time. I smiled. The Saturday was really fast, it was past 2pm already and we had just been in bed all day, munching on biscuits and watching different programmes on tv. We started arguing about what to have for lunch and decided to shower before lunch.

 When we got in the bathroom, I really wanted to kiss him, he looked really good naked but I didn’t want to be rejected again. I backed him and was feeling the water trickle down my skin when I felt him come closer, he cupped my b***s in his hands and I could feel his D get hard on my ass.. He started kissing my neck slowly and was moving his waist in circles then he took one hand off my b***s and started rubbing it on my thighs while squeezing my b***s with the other, he was doing all three things at once and I could feel the whole world whirl around me. I turned, looked at him and took my lips closer to his, he kissed me so deeply I moved backwards, he held my waist and moved me slowly backwards until my back was touching the wall, I wasn’t sure if I was soaked or the water was what I was feeling because I couldn’t tell what was going on in between my legs… He picked me up and I hung my legs on his waist, he concentrated on my nipples and sucked them like a thirsty man that just got hold of a sachet of pure water. I was moaning and my waist was moving uncontrollably when he tilted me backwards and inserted his joystick in my honey pot. I could feel him deep in my belly and it reminded me of the part where Krainum said ” girl me I go shift your womb” in his popular song ” nobody has to know”. He was thrusting so gently while he cupped his hands on my ass, moving it in the pace he wanted, the water from the shower made everything feel divine. I didn’t realize when I screamed “harder” and just like a slave obeying his master he started pounding me literally, it was both pleasure and pain with the pain feeling like its own kind of pleasure, we started realizing soft moans and as he pounded harder his moans got louder with mine still soft making us sound like a choir, as he got deeper, and his pace got gentler, I tightened my grip on him because I felt like my waist was about to cut off and I needed some support, he released a very loud moan and I felt his juice in me. He brought me down, kissed my forehead, rinsed our bodies, wrapped me in my towel and lifted me to the room.
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    Am getting more tangled in the story nice twist with the bathroom package (saw it coming sha) hope dodeye doesnt get pregnant in the next episode 🙊🙊🙊.
    You are above perfection with your writing skills👍👍👍 and you are now more stingy with the info you let out in each episode😥😥😥…….
    On standby for the next episode GREAT JOB!!!!

      Thankyou for your feedback. If you saw it coming and commented, you would have won the prediction game. I’ll try to give more info in the next episodes, although I think series should keep readers on suspense. ThNks again..

    I was right unfortunately I read this late.. You know me is a big fan of your work. I can’t wait for the next episode. I’d try to be on time next time

    I love the bathroom s*x. Was epic and spontaneous

      Thankyou for your Feedback. I appreciate

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