Episode 9 

I was really excited it was Friday, At last I can rest from all the stress and of course, I’ll get to spend the weekend with Alian. I had been anticipating it all week and I packed my sexiest nighties and panties. I just wanted to be in, watch tv, sleep, get massages and be pretty. I was really glad too about how my boss accepted my apology and told me it was alright, the week wasn’t so bad after all I thought. 

    I was smiling the whole time at work and I’m sure some people that didn’t want my teeth out were angry. I went for lunch with Finn and while having lunch he asked “are you this excited because you’re spending the weekend with Alian”? Ermmm not really, I’m just happy the week ended better than it started I said chewing. “So this Alian guy. Do you really know him? Are you sure he’s genuine, do you know about his life in Abuja?” Finn was asking. Calm down please, we are not about to get married, we just really like each other and we need time to ourselves to really know each other, I replied. “Dodeye, you can’t be this excited to spend the weekend with someone you just like, you can’t even decide to spend the weekend with someone you just like” He said. So what do you now mean? I asked him . “Well, I’m sure if you decide to be true to yourself you’ll understand.” You too, if you’re true to yourself you’ll understand that you and Mira have a connection I said laughing. “Waka there”, he said laughing too…

    It was almost 5pm so I started clearing my table and getting ready for Alian to come pick me up.5pm passed and he hadn’t called me yet. I got a bit worried, he was always on time. I didn’t want to call so I don’t seem too desperate. I was looking at my phone and trying to get busy. Finn will turn, look at me, smile and turn back. I didn’t want to say anything to him, I didn’t even have anything to say to him…. “Have an awesome weekend, Dee and call me if you need anything”, Finn said as he was leaving the office. Okay, bye I said with a fake smile. I was angry to my soul, the whole excitement of the day was shedding away and I didn’t like it.

    “Honey I’ll be with you in 5″ Alian sent to me via Whatsapp at about 6.30pm. I got up immediately, carried my bags and was heading out, when I got outside I saw sunflower standing in front of the office building like she was waiting for someone, I noticed she’s been uncomfortable around me since the incident and hasn’t been able to look me in the eyes. I’m sure you can imagine how good this makes me feel even if I feel guilty at times… 

      “Baby I’m so sorry, my meeting lasted longer than it was meant to, I didn’t want to send you a message explaining stuff” Alian said immediately I got into the car. You would have said something I replied him. “I’m sorry baby, you look so beautiful when you’re upset though” he said and I laughed. We did a little shopping before going to the room, we bought some wine, chocolates, biscuits and cakes.. I needed a lot of sugar and a bit of alcohol for the weekend. When we got into the room, I smiled from ear to ear, the room was filled with roses and scented candles. He dropped my bags in the wardrobe and asked me to go and shower so I can feel refreshed and order for food. I told him I’ll prefer to order for the food, arrange my stuff, eat, shower and just chill. 

    I brought out my clothes from my bag and arranged them in the wardrobe, took my towel to the bathroom, brought out what I’ll wear after bathing. Before I finished arranging, food came, we both ate, gisted about random things and laughed , he opened a bottle of champagne and somehow we finished it, I was feeling a little more than just tipsy then I decided to go shower, I undressed and walked to the bathroom with my panties and bra, just when I was about to turn on the shower I heard him scream ” can I join”? I smiled and replied “I thought you’ll never ask” and then I heard him walk into the bathroom
Thankyou so much for sticking through this series. What do you think will happen in the bathroom? Anybody that predicts right will get a gift on Wednesday.. Please and please drop your thoughts as a comment . Thankyou… 

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    i think u guys wil first stare at each other surprisingly, hold hands n admire urselves. Den hug 2 feel each others body b4 gentle n swt kisses commences which wil lead 2 tender romance. He wil touch n suck ur breast, finger ur p***y while u moarn n massage his d**k b4 romantic n memorable s*x starts which wil even make u moarn louder.

      We will see if that happens on the next post. Thanks for your comment

    Well.. I think you want us to think something will happen judging by how you’ve played with our emotions throughout this series..

    So my guess it nothing will happen.. Not just yet

      Late reply. Episode 10 has been posted already but thanks for the comment still

        I’m telling you.. I need to set an automatic notification for your posts so I won’t be late again

          You should.

    How do we like turn on notifications so that we know when you post??

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      When you come I o the site. A subscribe notification pops up. Pls subscribe.. thank you

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