Episode 8  

The week was a bit too stressful, a lot of clients to attend to, an emotionally stressed roommate to cater for, a needy Alian to attend to and annoying rumors in the office that Finn and I were having an affair. 

    My boss requested to see me so I walked into his office, his secretary wasn’t on her seat, I knocked twice and when I didn’t hear any sound, I opened the door and walked into sunflower on top of his table in a doggy position and him kneeling on his seat and thrusting. I screamed “I’m sorry” and walked out immediately. I walked quickly to my desk and placed my head on my table thinking deeply about the kind of trouble I had gotten into and hoped my boss won’t be too upset about me walking into him and sunflower. It was just Wednesday and I couldn’t wait for Friday, nothing seemed to be going my way, I couldn’t wait to spend the weekend with Alian before he goes back, he was so good to me, so sweet and nice to me and I liked him too. It wouldn’t hurt for me to be a bit open and give myself a chance to like him more. I felt a tap on my back, it was Finn telling me it’s time for lunch, I told him I wasn’t hungry. “Are you sure you’re alright Dee”? He asked. Yes I’m fine I replied. I didn’t want to mention anything to him, at least not yet. He left for lunch with Mira and she was grinning seriously like she won a medal. I just shook my head and turned to my pc. 

 Babe you don’t want to know what happened at work today I told Kim as” she walked in. “Why won’t I want to know?” She asked. “Please tell me she added. I walked in on my boss and sunflower doing “it” in his office oooo..I told her. “Hay!!! This girl ooo, you want to put yourself in trouble , why didn’t you knock?” She asked me. I knocked na but nobody answered… I told her. “But that sunflower girl, in the office too? With your boss? I told you that girl had an edge in that office, girls don’t just do gra gra like that” She said.. My dear o, Thank God we don’t have that unnecessary quarrel again o. “So has your boss said anything to you?” Nope, he hasn’t. I replied, haven’t seen him since the incident I added. “Better go to his office and apologize tomorrow okay”? She told me. Apologize? Hi an!! Okay o… I’ll go. “What are you even doing at home this early? Where’s Alian?” She asked me. He has a meeting o, he’s been busy since he came but he won’t stop telling me I haven’t had his time, I’ll spend the weekend with him I said smiling and covering my face….. “Love uwantiti she said laughing”. Love ke, we just really like each other o, it’s not love yet. How’s Henry I asked her, hope you two are fine now? “Yes ooo, he said he will be visiting soon”. Yay I said when I phone rang and I rushed to pick it. Finn what’s up? I said as I picked to call. Okay I’m coming I replied when he said he’s parked outside.

  Hey, missed me already I asked Finn smiling when I got into his car. “I just wanted to be sure you’re alright, didn’t like how gloomy you looked after you left the bosses office”, he replied. My dear, I saw him and sunflower in the act o, you know I didn’t believe when Betty told me they had a thing I told him. “Really” He asked laughing, “you didn’t knock or what?”..I did na but no reply, it’s not funny o… Tomorrow I’ll go and see him and maybe apologize.. “I’m just tired oya lets go and buy ice cream so you can cool your temper” he said laughing. Yay!!! I screamed and put on my seat belt.. 



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    Dodeye, the episodes have become shorter and less satisfying than the previous series… I’d bet we all want something slightly longer.

      Thankyou. I’ll make it longer.

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