it started as a joke, I wanted some money, he wanted s*x. I guess he liked it cos he kept calling for more and me!! I kept going.

  Getting 250k for s*x wasn’t a joke and it was amazing that my account balance moved from 2000 Naira to 3million Naira in such a short time. 

  I had problems that needed solution, I had a business plan and funds weren’t coming in, I was barely surviving, I couldn’t have a proper three square meal, I was moving around for interviews with the same set of clothes. Life was hard, meeting Alhaji was a miracle, a miracle from God.

 Apart from the 250k for s*x, Alhaji was buying me gifts, he paid for my rent and took me shopping once in a while, it was like a dream come true, everything was starting to fall in place. Not just how I Imagined it.

  “What did I do to you that you haven’t called me today yarinya? He asked from the other side of the phone

“Nothing Alhaji , I am not feeling too fine and I decided to rest a bit “ I replied decreasing my voice so as to sound weak

“Can you wear something? Adamu is coming to pick you now” he said sounding so sorry

“I really just want to rest Alhaji, I can’t come today please “I told him

“Do I stress you my yarinya? Don’t you rest when you are here? I just want to be around you pls.. he said pleading

“Ok,ok ok Alhaji, im getting ready”

I got into his scary looking house, the guards from the gate with long guns like hunters, the huge men moving around and the Hausas with small knives, it looked like a weapon zone.

I remembered the first day I went there, I almost ran out , I thought I was going to die and I started begging God for forgiveness. I started cussing Jennifer out in my mind  for introducing me to him.

I had complained to Jennifer about my condition , how I needed 200k to pay my rent, how I couldn’t feed properly, how I couldn’t afford transportation for interviews, I was almost in tears. I met Jennifer during Nysc, we were in the same cds but we didn’t go out together a lot, she had always been very flashy and it was obvious what she did to get money. I didn’t mind, I was in a state of desperation , I didn’t even wait for her to explain what I needed to do before I agreed “ I will do anything it takes” I told her

“Anything?” she asked

“Yes anything” I replied

She called me on a Friday evening and told me to dress up nicely and meet her up at her house so we can go and meet the person she told me about. I wore one of my dresses I hadn’t worn in a while, it was one of those kinds that flattered all my feminine features.  I met her up and she took me to a place somewhere in Gra, it was one of those coded places that you can’t know until someone takes you there. It looked like a really big house from outside, but when you get inside, it was like a different world entirely. The cars I saw there were the kinds I saw in foreign movies. 

    We went Into the house and walked into one section that looked like a bar, it had really low light and everyone there dressed like Northern Nigerians. We walked to a table at the extreme, she seemed really familiar with all of them as she spined in front of one man that smacked her ass. She asked me to sit down and then she introduced me to one of the men on the table, he smiled and told me to move closer to him, I did and then he took my hand and kissed it.  I was nervous, I had never done this before, how will these men look at me? I was equally scared he was Hausa; I heard Hausas are not circumcised so they last longer and crave s*x more than other people.

  In the middle of following Alhaji to his house, I almost turned back, I was afraid, I asked myself a million and one questions but I went ahead. Jennifer told me I’ll be given 150k and I was meant to give her 50k, I didn’t mind. I was overly excited about the 100k I would keep for myself. 

  “I like you, I can see that you haven’t done this before, you look so naïve and gentle, I promise I will be good to you “ Alhaji said

That made me ease up a bit, I removed my shoes and sat at the edge of the bed, Alhaji removed his clothes and sat beside me. He asked me about school, my family, why I decided to do this. He asked me all this very gently, holding my palms and rubbing it, making me laugh in between and calling me “my beautiful yarinya” then he started rubbing my thighs slowly, I knew the time had come. I shifted up and laid down, giving my body to him to devour, he removed all my clothes and was gentle with me like he promised he would be. My mind wasn’t programmed to enjoy it but somehow I did and noticed myself getting moist and craving his touch more and more, Alhaji practically worshiped my body that night. His tongue went into every part of me and licked me with passion before he inserted his manhood into me, it was so thick and it made me gasp for air. Alhaji went in and out of me slowly, making me feel every part of him in me. He said things to me that I had never been told by anyone else.

“You have made me your prisoner “

“You are too sweet, I can die “

He said these things in between intercourse and I didn’t feel like I was having s*x for money, I felt a lot better.

After everything, he got us fruits, fed me and we both slept.

The next morning, he handed a bundle of money to me, I said thank you to him and told him I appreciated how he treated me, I got a call from my brother so I picked it up in front of him. He asked me why I was using such a dead phone, I replied saying “A phone is the least of my problems right now “

“ I will surprise you my yarinya , let Adamu drop you off, I need him to know where you stay” He said to me , hugged me and said good bye.

When I got home , I sat on the bed and dropped the bundle of money on the ground, it looked more than 150k but I didn’t want to raise my hopes ,I started counting the money 100k,200k, my eyes were opening as wide as that of an owl. It was 250k, I didn’t know what to do, I wanted to scream, I was too happy.

I called Jennifer and asked her to come and get her 50k, I gave my land lord 150k and then I had some extra to buy food stuff, buy one or two dresses and still have some change. I was ecstatic, not proud, but ecstatic.

I hadn’t slept this good in 3 months, it was the best siesta ever, I needed to rest from all the strokes and moans tho. I woke up to my phone ringing, it was Alhaji. He asked me to go outside and get something from Adamu, I didn’t think I was going to hear from Alhaji or see his driver soon, I was surprised but I went outside still , got into the car and Adamu gave me a gift bag, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I said thank you and went into the house, when I opened it AN IPHONE!!! AN IPHONE 11 pro max !!!!!!

This time my composure went for a drink, I was screaming and shouting all over the place.

“Alhaji, I saw what you sent, I am so happy, Thank you so much” I called him screaming

“You deserve more my yarinya, you deserve the world “he replied

I became fond of Alhaji but I think he was more fond of me, we saw at least thrice in a week, sometimes we didn’t have s*x but he gave me the 250k. I will reject the money sometimes but he always said “time is precious and I am paying you for your time”

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