Yea, I know it’s so stupid.. How can going to the club be on your bucket list? That’s so basic.. So I’ve been to the club twice in my whole life.

P.s I’m very old..

The first time was actually a strip club in Lagos, I was visiting Lagos for the second time and my friend took me to the strip club.. When I got into the club, I almost ran out, good thing I was with my friend Yiokie so it was easier to handle, we just held each other till we got to our seats.. My friend (let’s call him Dami) and his friend ( let’s call him Lami) said they’ll make the stripers harass us both. I wasn’t scared 🙄🙄Say what? I was freaking scared.

We were sipping the jack Daniels we got, I was already tipsy before coming to the club cos we were somewhere else drinking henessey and i drank so much thinking I’ll go home after that.. Anyways Dami told me to pick any girl I like, he said ” it’s like Point and kill, just pick and she will come” pick the girl for what really? I asked.. To give you a lap dance of course. I dnt know o pls I replied looking around me, now let me tell you what I was seeing .. Infront of me was a fat girl, I’m guessing she’s a lesbian with her face buried between the asses of two thick strippers, the girls weren’t wearing bras and they were on just gstrings.. She will smack their asses and squeeze their breasts how she likes… At my far left was an old man and one skinny girl with big b***s, the girl was on his laps grinding and he was squeezing her bare nipples like he was tuning a radio.. My far right was just a group of young boys dancing to the music and drinking. Around the club was just bare asses, bare breasts, hands squeezing stuff.. Geeez!!!

There’s a girl Infront of me, light skinned, kind of thick, perky b***s without bra..I look at Dami, he signals the girl to start, I look at Lami and Yiokie, they are dancing and holding each other… I ask the girl what’s up? Your friend said I should grind you, don’t worry you’ll enjoy it.. I nodded for her to go on… She stretched her hands and I shook her, she introduced herself.. I told her my name too.. She sat on the table and kept her legs at the two far edges of my chair, I couldn’t look , she started dancing and whining, I was just sipping my drink and looking at her… Then she started pulling her panties.. What!!!! I was staring at a Vagina… I didn’t know what to do at that point, then she came and sat on my laps staring at me so intently and grinding slowly.. She collected my drink, dropped it and carried my hands to her b***s, I just flung my hands out fast.. She started squeezing my breasts from my clothes and whispering words i didn’t hear . When I look at Dami, he will be laughing mischievously.. Yiokie was laughing like she was watching comedy and I was dying there.. I would have said No!! But it was good experience .. After a lot of b***s squeezing and grinding .. I told Dami I was tired and he paid her to leave.. I thought that was all.. But guess what? Before the end of that night I had 4 lap dances.. The 3rd girl caught my attention , I have seen very few people that are prettier than that girl in this world, the colour of her skin, the way she packed her hair, her petite body, perky b***s, her voice ,protruding ass.. When she got naked and was on my laps I was looking at her, I forgot myself. Yiokie hit me and said ” do you want to kiss her” if I was a boy, I’d totally do her… Then the last girl.. Oh Jesus.. She wanted to break my tiny laps o.. Twerking on my legs with her strong bones.. She didn’t last a few mins I told her to go.. Yiokie got harassed too , she was just shouting ” what a fucking shit” ” what the f**k” when she’s high she curses a lot… Or maybe it’s cos Lami was there, the boy use to do some Americana thing.. Lol
Did I mention Yiokie and I were just slushing our drinks.. I was one glass away from being super drunk when we left.. I had an amazing time but No!! I won’t do it again.. My skirt became so disgusting, I tied it in a bag and took it to my sisters house to help me wash.. She didn’t know she was washing people’s asses.. Lol
So, my second time in the club was in Portharcourt, it was boring to me, loud music and people dancing and shaking bumbum. I drank a lot of alcohol and slept in the club.. They woke me up when they were leaving ..

So, when I tick anything I can share off my bucket list.. I’ll post it on here….

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    This is a thriller

      Thank you..

    lol is this real life experience? Or a story?? Never heard of strip clubs in lagos but what do I know? lol didn’t know naija women would ever be opened free like that to walk around naked but again, what do I know? I have never been to a club too and I honestly don’t care for it so I understand when you say this

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      True life story. I was stunned too. Clubs are overrated


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