Dear Isaac ,

Hey, I hope this letter meets you well, I hope you take time to read it cos I know you.. Mr busy Man.😒

I can’t find the words to express how thankful I am that you came into my life and left at the time that you did.. At the time when I needed you most.. At the time when I needed a friend.. You left me and this made me become a lot of things to myself. You know how hard it is for me to say how I feel especially when it’s a negative feeling but somehow you managed to make me so comfortable , I’ll tell you everything.

Remember the day I called you by 2am just to rant about some girl that annoyed me earlier? I remember how you kept quiet and listened to me till I finished then told me how beautiful I am, and how I shouldn’t ever frown cos my smile is a blessing to the world.. I didn’t mention but that made me cry 🙈🙈

I hated your name!!! God!!! I hated it so much, I couldn’t even stop telling you how ugly the name “Isaac” is to me.. I loved how much I hated it, it was the only thing about you I didn’t like… How can one person be so perfect? Even when I had called your name so much I started to like it, I struggled to hate it still. I couldn’t love everything… No!!!

The way you took random pictures of me, the way you always use the picture I hate most as your wallpaper so I see it every time I touch your phone, the way that you treated me Isaac, the way that you loved me… Words cannot explain how you made me feel every single time..

Remember the day I sent you a message by 5am that I needed double of your love that day? Remember how you almost drowned me in it? Isaac you are an amazing person.. Funny thing is when I started writing this letter , I wanted to thank you more for leaving cos guess what? It made me stronger. You came to me when I was so young, you taught me a lot of things, you showed me a lot of things, you were my everything, I relied on you for everything.. But when you left, as hurt as it made me feel , I realized I was all that I needed to become everything I want to be and its amazing how in every passing day, I see my dreams becoming a reality..

It is because of you that I don’t condone any form of disrespect from anybody, cos Isaac you were 12 years older than me but you respected me I started to feel old.. “Nwam” as you fondly call me, whenever I hear someone say that word, I still feel a sharp pain in my heart because it doesn’t sound half as good as when it comes out from your mouth… Oh did I forget to talk about your voice? The thing about you that I loved most… The way the sound of your voice made me feel, the way it made me drip.. I hope your wife doesn’t read this letter.. I see pictures of both of you and I can’t lie, I get jealous at times because she will get to spend forever with you.. She calls you ” My husband” that was a dream for me.. To call you “My husband” but it wasn’t your fault.. You were ready to get married and I wasn’t, it hurt me that you left, I wanted you to stay even when I said you should go..

I cannot even lie that I compare everybody I meet with you, I cannot lie that nobody has gotten even half.. I want to totally move on, I want to say good bye, I want you to tell me ” Nwam, I wasn’t for you if not we will be together” I want you to tell me Good luck cos Isaac, I want all of the loving you told me I deserve.. I want all of the loving I know I deserve… I hope you still think ” heaven is a place on earth with me”

Good bye Isaac 😪

Thankyou Isaac❤️

YourNwam                                                 Dodeye❤️

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    I wanna see Isaac’s and Tomi’s Response 😩😩😩

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