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A Date with Uncle Stephen 

I sent Uncle Stephen a Dm, I wanted to find out something I saw on his timeline. He was really nice to me, after telling me what I needed to know, we started chatting. I found out we stayed in different cities, he lives in…



I was really tired from all the work I did last week. I am an arts teacher ,and apart from the fact that kids are really stressful. I had to prepare them for cultural day . When everything was done and my school came second…


The Survivor 

On my way home in the early hours of the morning, after my friend’s party. I was accosted by three funny looking guys. I had just left the party at about 2 a.m to get to the Uber I ordered. “Stop there! Where you dey go?…


Going Dutch  

So this has been an argument for a long time and I just want to put it out there again.. Let’s discuss  Going Dutch” is a term that indicates that each person participating in a group activity pays for himself, rather than any person paying…