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Mr Brad 

It would have been a normal day until I decided to walk down to my junction to get corn and pear and quench the craving I’ve had for almost 3days.  I got up from my bed and struggled to fit into my jean cos the…



It was love at first sight, it was love at second sight, it was love at no sight at all. It was love Everytime.  It was one of those boring days  at home and I needed some outside feel, checked for the movies showing on…



I’m really not one to love cats but Damn!!! His cat was cute,Maybe it wasn’t so cute but it was Barry’s cat, everything that belongs to Barry is cute.The old fashioned radio on top of his dining table, the old school cupboard where he kept…


One night stand 

It was a cold night and I slept the whole day so sleep was very far from me. No light to watch movies, no pings on my bbm or energy to start a conversation with anyone so I went on twitter. As usual, funny tweets,…


Mr lecturer 

Good afternoon sir, Alice and I greeted as Mr Justin walked into the textile year3 studio. Afternoon, how are you people he asked. Fine, thankyou sir I replied. Alice was concentrating on her loom she didn’t answer. I want to see you in my office…


We like him 

I’m hungry. I texted Kolitem. I’m not your mother she replied. But I love you and you love caring for me. I text back. Dodeye you’re too stubborn, I can’t be your mother. You might beat me. She replied. Lol you’re just a fish, where…


Shes BI 

Dodeye are folks around? Blessing asked from the other side of the phone . No o , they traveled for the weekend as usual I replied. Okay I’m coming to sleep over o, can’t stay in this house alone, chris is going to club. No…


The Afternoon 

it was a really sunny afternoon and I had a serious headache, blame it on the raphenol Micheal put in my drink last night at sheddys party. It was a good day to just be in bed and do nothing but I had a test…