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Our relationship blossomed as the months went by, Dele made sure I had no reason to doubt his love for me, he didn’t hesitate to take me to any public gathering, showing me off to his friends and the world in general became his favorite…



Dinner with Dele was amazing , he looked better than the first day I saw him…. I wore one of my favorite red dresses with my 8 inches black heels that made me almost taller than him. He made me feel very special with the…


Switch “1” 

It’s been 6months with Dele and I’ve had something close to the love I see in movies, his words of affirmation and acts of service are just few ways he shows his love for me. I’m Dodeye , 21 years from CrossRiver state,I am a…


Series coming soon…….. 

So I’ve gotten a lot of requests and push to start writing series and I’ve decided to grant the requests….. I’ve never really considered myself a series person but it doesn’t hurt to try yea? The first episode of my first series will come this…


Calabar Carnival 

Dodeye are you not coming out for the carnival? Derik asked me from the other side of the phone.  No o I’m not, what am I coming to do there? The crowd and all, you know I hate people. I replied. You’re very funny he…


Stuck in the middle 

It was one of those really sunny days and all I felt like doing was staying naked in the bathtub, but I was interrupted by my father. Dodeye please dressup and help me send this money to your sister he screamed…. This man won’t let…



I was looking for the perfect outfit to wear to Francis house, he told me his brother just returned from the UK and he wants us to meet. Francis is a new friend , met him at Transcorp when I went to have lunch with…


Mr Brad II 

I felt the text message will be the last I will hear of Mr Brad, every man tends to leave when his dire lust and savoury desire for a woman is not reciprocated. I closed my pretty eyes and Slept. I felt something unusual about…